Warranty + Care
limited warranty

All finishes and other parts, components, and other furniture products including but not limited to tables, chairs, contract storage, lockers, desks, cabinets, entertainment centers, lamps, electrical components, benches, consoles, mirrors, and any other furniture manufactured by Propr Office LLC (“Propr”) are covered under this Limited Warranty. This warranty is provided to the original Buyer, and extends from the date of purchase (more specifically date of final payment) on all manufacturing defects. Propr will determine the appropriate repair process and pay reasonable and customary labor rates to repair or replace the defective parts and shipping costs from Buyer to Propr, or a repair center designated by the Customer Service Department of Propr, at no charge to the original Buyer for the number of years indicated below. The original Buyer will be responsible for labor, packing, and all shipping and transportation costs beyond the number of years noted below from the date of purchase.  

Propr’s collections, lines, styles and items are covered under Warranty for the following length of time:

10 year warranty

Perch Conference  
Perch Desk + Benching
Perch Storage
Container Storage
Task Chairs
Studio Conference and Meeting tables

5 year warranty

Upholstered Items
Divider Screens  
Cafe Chairs and Tables

2 year warranty

Custom Furnishings: Any designs not published on Propr’s website and originated by Propr’s design team.

limitations and expectations

This Limited Warranty provides coverage to the original Buyer and does not apply to rental uses. This Limited Warranty does not apply to (i) merchandise that was, at any time, used as a floor sample or display model, (ii) any merchandise purchased “as is” or second-hand, (iii) any merchandise purchased at a distress sale or a going-out-of business sale, or (iv) any merchandise purchased from a liquidator. All warranties, whether express or implied, cover only normal usage. No warranty, express or implied, applies to any condition resulting from misuse, abuse, delivery or transportation damage, nor any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care. Warranty is null and void if furniture has been moved from Buyer’s original point of delivery.

chemical treatments

This Limited Warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by use of chemical treatments or protective coatings applied by the Buyer. Any such chemical treatments or protective coatings void all warranties of Propr Office LLC.

modifications to products

This Limited Warranty does not apply to any products that have been altered by any person, dealer, or company without the express written authorization of Propr Office LLC.

size and dimension variability

The sizes and dimensions of the final approved sample may vary slightly from the actual sizes and dimensions of the goods when delivered. This is due to the expansion and contraction of wood products, the inherent nature of reclaimed materials, and the handmade nature of our products. The dimensions of the goods provided by Propr are the outermost edges of the goods. The Buyer assumes all risk regarding determination of the good’s correct size and fit. In no event shall a mistake in size or fit of the goods, due to Buyer error, result in invalidation of any order or require any refund to the Buyer.

appearance variability

Buyer acknowledges that the appearance of the wood used to build a particular product may vary slightly from the wood used in any sample models. This is due to natural characteristics of the wood and the craftsmanship used to create each individual piece. Therefore, no representation, warranty and/or guarantee is made with respect to the exact color of the wood, the exact appearance of the wood and the exact finishes to the goods.  

The Buyer also acknowledges that wood may contain mineral deposits, pits, gum streaks, small pin holes, knots, color differences, unusual grain patterns, darker heart wood, lighter sap wood, etc. The frequency of such features will depend upon the grade and species of wood specified and will vary in all handmade and machined pieces. No two items are exact duplicates, and therefore Propr Office LLC makes no representation or guarantee that Propr Office LLC’s goods will appear exactly as any another.


Propr Office LLC does not warrant:
• Natural variations in wood grain or figure or the presence of character marks.
• Cracks and checks found naturally in wood and slabs.
• Changes in surface finishes, including colorfastness, due to aging or exposure to light.
• Veins, marks, voids, fissures, or cracks found naturally in stone.
• Pilling of textiles.
• The matching of colors, grains, or textures of natural materials.
• Failure resulting from normal wear and tear.
• The color fastness or the matching of colors of textiles, including an exact match to cuttings, samples, or to swatch cards.
• Damage, marking, or staining of surfaces due to contact with rubber or similar compounds or imprinting from writing instruments, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
• Damage or marking of materials caused by sharp objects.
• Products manufactured by third parties but sold by Propr Office.
• Soiling, stains, or dye transfer from clothing including denim.
• Foreign objects abrading fabric over time.
• Products that are expose to extreme environmental conditions or that have been subject to improper storage.
• Products exposed to planters or other objects that trap or transfer moisture to surfaces.

Propr Office LLC checks Customer’s Own Material (COM) and other customer- supplied items for manufacturing quality only and does not provide any warranty with regard to these materials.

No other express warranty has been made or will be made on behalf of Propr Office LLC with respect to the furniture and its parts, or the operation, repair, or replacement of the furniture and its parts. Furthermore, no representative of Propr Office LLC or its distributors or retailers is authorized to make any changes or modifications to these limited warranties.  

Some retailers offer extended or additional warranties, including but not limited to extended or additional fabric warranties, either from the retailer or through a third-party. Propr Office LLC shall not be liable under any extended or additional warranties offered by any retailer or through a third-party.  
In no event shall Propr Office LLC be responsible for consequential or incidental damages, such as loss of use, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, whether indirect or direct, and whether arising in contract or not.

In no event shall Propr Office LLC’s responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.  

Applies in the US only:
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or exclusions in the two preceding paragraphs may not apply. This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights; however, the purchaser may also have other rights that may vary from state to state.

Applies outside the US:
Except as stated above, Propr Office LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage (including costs) however caused, whether direct or consequential, incurred or suffered by the purchaser or any third party in respect of the products but nothing contained herein will or will be considered to exclude or restrict any liability on Propr Office LLC’s part for death or personal injury resulting from negligence.

remedy and claim procedure

Any item repaired or replaced under this Limited Warranty will be covered by this Limited Warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

If a problem should arise which you feel is covered by our Limited Warranty, contact Propr Office LLC by phone or email as indicated in the footer below. The original invoice number is necessary for the fulfillment of the warranty. Please make sure any claim for warranty service is accompanied by the necessary information to satisfy the warranty requirements.

Care Instructions

• Wipe down all surfaces as part of your regular fcleaning schedule using a clean white, dap (water only) rag and follow ith a dry rag to remove any excess moisture.
‍•Wipe down all surfaces as part of your regular fcleaning schedule using a clean white, dap (water only) rag and follow ith a dry rag to remove any excess moisture.
• Wipe up light spills immediately in order to avoid staining the wood. We recommend the use of coasters if glasses placed on the table top are likely to become wet with condensation (as they might in the summertime). Clean spills using a soft cloth dampened with clean water then dry immediately.
• Wipe up heavier spills, like grease or oil, with a solution of mild soap and water. The surface should be rinsed immediately with a clean, damp cloth and dried thoroughly.
• Keep the relative humidity of the room between 35% and 55%. Controlling relative humidity and temperature is important to the long-term life of fine wood furniture. If an atmospheric change is too drastic, or humidity and temperature levels too extreme one way or the other, your furniture can be damaged.
• Protect your piece from direct sunlight. Unfiltered ultraviolet (UV) rays will discolor and damage wood and finishes.
• Avoid exposing the furniture finish to items creating extreme heat, cold or moisture. Use protective padding under these items.


• Use any of the following products (or products similar in nature) on your furniture: ammonia based cleaners, acrylic finishes, wax based products, detergents, bleach, polishes and oil soaps, abrasive cleaning soaps or acidic materials such as vinegar.
• Wipe the pieces with a dishcloth. A dishcloth can contain soap, grease and other soil that can be detrimental to the finished surface.
• Place products such as nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume and potpourri (and any other products that contain solvents) directly on a wood or leather surface. They can damage wood and metal finishes.
• Allow water to puddle on furniture for any length of time – wipe up spills immediately.
• Allow objects to rest on the furniture on small sharp or hard tips.
• Place a planter, glass, or any other object that transfers condensation onto the surface without an appropriate barrier between the object and surface.